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How Your Current POS System Programming is Losing Your Money


Bars carry too much inventory which means excess cash sitting around waiting to be thrown away. Download Ian Fosters EBook on Efficient Ordering to learn:  

  • How you can save $2,000 in the next 30 days by following Just in Time inventory 
  • How to setup your inventory ordering program
  • How to make sure you never run out of anytime but are not overstocked

Ian Foster joined Sculpture Hospitality in in 1991, and has spent the past two decades helping his clients eliminate over-pouring, mis-ringing and theft from their bar operations.

He has written extensively about improving bar profitability for industry publications such as Santé magazine, The Publican, numerous restaurant association publications from coast-to-coast as well as Robert Plotkin’s Bar Profitsnewsletter.  Ian is also the publisher of Sculpture’s Booz Nooz, which has become a leading industry newsletter.